Information and Communication Technology

At Hampton PS we highly value the role that technology can play in educating our students. When used effectively, technology has the ability to transform learning and provide opportunities to develop the crucial skills that our students need to thrive in the 21st century. Across the school and in particularly in Years 4 – 6, where we have 1-1 BYO iPad programs in place, we aim for balance. Balance means monitoring the amount of time that our students are using technology throughout the day and aiming to use the devices only when it can add value to the learning task.

Our children are growing up in a vastly more complex world than we did. There is now so much information that is freely available on any topic at any time. Communication can happen in an instant with people in any part of the world. Because of this, the ‘basics’ of education have changed. Literacy and numeracy are still the core of our school’s focus, however, school is no longer just about learning content. It incorporates learning how to learn and habits of mind that will allow a student to be a successful lifelong learner and global citizen. Skills like information literacy, collaboration, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and of digital literacies all now form part of a child’s education.

As a result, what happens in our classrooms has changed to meet these objectives. Students are now involved in real world learning tasks that require researching a wide variety of resources and communication with experts and relevant members of our community and the wider world. They are not only learning about the topic at hand, but about the power they can have to affect change in our world, and what it means to be a global citizen in an increasingly interconnected world.

In this environment, ICT tools are essential. It is no longer effective to have a scheduled ‘computer time’ on shared devices. On the other extreme, it is also not appropriate to have students ‘staring at a screen’ all day. Much of the students’ device use might be in short blocks, where students use the digital tools as part of their investigations and learning tasks. These tools need to be available on hand to immediately progress a student’s learning. Across the school, the ICT devices (iPads and laptops) are being used in a myriad of ways to transform learning including:

  • Students self-managing and uploading evidence of learning to their Seesaw portfolios in multi-modal formats (video, image, audio, text)
  • Students collaborating on literacy, numeracy and inquiry projects made possible by the use of Google Apps.
  • Students using block code to program Sphero robots as they continue to develop key computational and algorithmic thinking skills.
  • Students going on virtual excursions and connecting their learning with the ‘real world’.
  • Making films and green screen productions which take collaboration and creativity to another level.
  • Students receiving detailed and immediate feedback on their learning and providing feedback to peers.
  • Working in online spaces such as Google Classroom, where students can access varied content to support their level of understanding in key learning areas.
  • Accessing homework and school information online and offline – anywhere, anytime access to learning.
  • Independent, self-initiated learning, eg promotion of problem-solving skills, ability to ‘Google’ questions they have
  • Accessing real-time information, rich digital learning resources and educational software.

Importantly, Hampton Primary School is committed to providing a safe, structured and secure environment where our students can learn the crucial skills necessary to responsibly and appropriately manage their use of technology. With the guidance of our whole school eSmart Curriculum and Scope and Sequence, our teachers design regular sessions that focus on:

  • Developing behaviours and routines to manage screen time and reduce device distractions
  • Organisation and time management
  • Cyberbullying
  • Protecting personal information
  • Consequences of actions online
  • Respectful online and offline communication

Report Inappropriate/Unacceptable Online Behaviour

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Report Inappropriate/Unacceptable Online Behaviour

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eSmart Policy and eSmart Use of ICT Guidelines

HPS eSmart Policy and Use of ICT Guidelines

2019 1:1 BYO iPad Program

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