Information and Communication Technology

Hampton Primary School are quickly becoming leaders in the application of Information and Communication Technology to all areas of Primary Education. With a firm belief that student learning is enhanced with the inclusion of a variety of interactive and mobile computer technologies, Hampton Primary School is adapting to 21st century learning approaches, that incorporate computers devices as a part of everyday learning in all areas of the curriculum. Students and teachers have daily access to Desktops, Laptops, Interactive White Boards, iPads, iPods and Conferencing Technology. Whilst we ensure students are being educated about the safe practice of technology, students are encouraged to independently access the world of information in a variety of formats.

Report Inappropriate/Unacceptable Online Behaviour

This is a confidential online report. Only the Hampton Primary School Assistant Principal and ICT Coordinator will be notified of this report. To lodge a report, please follow the link below:

Report Inappropriate/Unacceptable Online Behaviour

You will receive a response to this report within the next two school days.

eSmart Policy and eSmart Use of ICT Guidelines

HPS eSmart Policy and Use of ICT Guidelines

2017 1:1 BYO iPad Program

Please follow the link below to download the pdf version of the information night presentation:

2017 BYO iPad Parent Info Night

iPad Purchase Recommendations

The following document is for parents of Year 4 and 5 students who are looking to purchase an iPad for next years’ 1:1 BYO iPad program:

iPad Purchase Recommendations

1:1 BYO iPad Program Blog

For all the latest information regarding the Year 5 and Year 6 1:1 BYO iPad Program please visit:

1:1 BYO iPad Program FAQ

Apple Family Funded Program

Apple offers special iPad and Mac pricing for students attending our school. This special pricing is
available for purchases made at Apple Stores or via the Apple contact centre. If you are
purchasing in-store or over the phone just let the Specialist know our school’s name.
Finance options are also available for purchases if you are purchasing at an Apple Store.

To access the Hampton Primary School custom online store, please visit: