Music & Performing Arts

  • All grades will participate in a 50 minute session in the purpose- built music room. Children will sing, dance, perform and learn music theory from prep to year six.
  • Private Violin Lessons held at school and ensemble at recess (Age 5 onwards)
  • Dance – Fit. A Dance program held during school time for all children as part of the music program in terms 1 and 2 for years 3 and 4 children. This program is funded by the school.
  • I Can Dance All children from prep will participate in a term of dance and movement run by a professional dancer with a parent open day to conclude.
  • Mini-Fit Students from years 1 and 2 will participate in a term of dance and movement (term 4)
  • Choir –Available to year 3 / 4/ 5/ 6
  • Recorder. Taught as part of the music program to all year 3 /4 /5 /6 children
  • Year 3 string program. Interested students take small group tuition for 3 terms.
  • String ensemble More advanced string students meet as a group each Thursday morning at recess.
  • Ukulele Taught as part of the music program to year 5/6 students every second year.

All programs are co-ordinated by Traci in the music department. Please call in to discuss these programs further.


may include: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Musica Viva in Schools, Alpha pantomime, Alfred Brash Sound-house (Make your own CD)

Performance opportunities include:

  • Classroom performance in front of the grade
  • Assembly performance in front of the school
  • Twice a year Soiree (musical recital night)
  • Whole school or 5/6 musical production alternate years
  • Dance choreography competition and inter-school competition
  • Singing competition
  • Public performances such as Federation square, Hampton St Festival

No education is complete without exposure to music. Z.Kodaly.