Physical Education

Participation, Strength and Technique

Each year the Physical Education Department strives to provide students with the opportunities to participate, develop and excel in a variety of sports. This can be achieved in a number of ways. It is widely recognised that correct technical instruction is of paramount importance in the foundation of all sports. Sporting bodies such as the Australian Football League and Football Federation of Australia agree that athletes that have poor technique rarely excel in their chosen sport. With this in mind, during 2013, the focus on technique has been elevated by providing a deeper technical tuition to all Hampton Primary School students, no matter what the sport. We have sought to break down specific motor skills into smaller movements and then teach these actions correctly – first as individual packages, but then as fluid consolidated movements that make up the motor skill. There are many benefits to this approach. By coaching technique correctly we are providing all students with the skills necessary to participate in game situations. Students who learn correct techniques are also more likely to do better in the chosen sport, and success usually impacts participation rate.

Core Strength

An initiative that has commenced this year across all levels at Hampton PS is the implementation of a Core Strength Program. Core strength is extremely valuable in attaining a wide variety of physical skills and abilities. Students who possess a good level of core strength acquire new techniques and skills far more rapidly than students with poor core strength. The program consists of series of exercises that can be done in the classroom and which take no longer than 15 minutes a day. Each PE lesson commences with a core strength component. The exercises are such that all students will benefit. They will enhance the students who already have a solid core strength base, as well as assist all other students in starting to develop a good foundation. The exercises are simple, fun and need no equipment and are enjoyed by students.

Inter School Sports

Hampton Primary School participates in the Seaside Schools District Competition. Each year, we are involved in a winter and summer sports season as well as District Cross Country, Swimming, and Athletics Carnivals. During summer, the sports played are cricket (both female and male teams,) softball, volleyball, and basketball. In the winter, we play AFL football, Hockey, Soccer and Netball. Summer and winter sports are only available for year 5 and 6 students. Each week, however, year 3 and 4 students are given a double ‘sports’ lesson in an effort to prepare them for years 5 and 6 inter-school competition. It is also District policy that only year 4, 5 and 6 students are eligible for District carnivals.