There are two important and pivotal years for transition: prep where children coming from a familiar setting in kindergarten and commence at a new and relatively unfamiliar setting in primary school and Year 6 where the seven years of familiar faces and routines from primary changes radically as they head off to secondary college – at Hampton, they might choose from up to 12 different settings. There is occasionally a little anxiety associated with both for some children, therefore schools work hard to minimise this.

Teachers and the principal have numerous discussions about starting school and preparing for school early in the school year before the child is due to start. Very often these occur in Term 1 and specific queries and questions can be shared with our prep teachers at an information evening conducted in mid May. School tours are conducted very regularly throughout the year and the common focus during these is the prep rooms. The formal transition program commences in September with a session which we call story-time. This allows the staff to start to get to know the prospective preps and importantly, to permit some familiarity with the school setting for the young children.

During Term 4 the prep coordinator collects information from the kindergarten directors and this involves discussions and often visitations to the kindergartens. During October/November every grade in the school, including the prospective preps has four sessions where they interact with the children and teachers who will be in the class the following year. Early in December the children then meet their teacher and classmates for the following year and spend a couple of hours with them.

We are also mindful of the transitions from Year 2 to Year 3 and equally Year 4 to Year 5. These are times when children and parents are a little uncertain about the following year. Very often this can be associated with increased expectations and levels of maturity required at the higher level, occasionally some children and their parents may not think that they are ready for the challenges the following year may provide.

The transition for our Year 6 students who will be moving on to secondary college commences with an opportunity to visit both the local government secondary colleges during the year. In addition, we have a debating activity which is conducted at the local secondary college and involves primary children from a range of local schools and the secondary students. We often have previous Hampton students come back as secondary students and talk to our Year 6s about their personal experiences at the start of Year 7. Our Year 6 graduation ceremony is conducted at the local secondary college; these contacts and visits develop familiarity and certainly assist with transition. In addition, teachers prepare a report on each child and this is provided to the secondary college. Secondary teachers visit the children here at Hampton and discuss the children with the Year 6 class teacher. All schools schedule a day where the Year 6s spend some time at their new setting.

Important Dates – 2021 Foundation (Prep) Students

Storytime Session


Transition Sessions

2.00pm – 2.50pm Tuesday 27 October 2020

2.00pm – 2.50pm Tuesday 3 November 2020

2.00pm – 2.50pm Wednesday 11 November 2020

2.00pm – 2.50pm Wednesday 18 November 2020

Orientation Day

11.15am – 12.15pm Tuesday 8 December 2020

Buddy Picnic

10.30am Thursday 10 December 2020