Our Community


School Assemblies

School assemblies are held once a week on Fridays at 3pm in either the courtyard or BER.   Assemblies showcase some of our budding musicians weekly, occasionally include dance performances and very often have sports reports. The Hampton Achievers certificate recognises children and adults who have produced a personal best performance, have shown commendable effort or perhaps are deserving of special mention on grounds of kindness or citizenship. The academic excellence awards recognise children who have demonstrated a particular aptitude, have achieved outstanding results or having made significant progress in a specific curriculum area. We strongly encourage children to address the assembly with news from their classrooms, describe a special report on camp or promote a local initiative or fundraiser that they have organised. Parents and family members are most welcome to attend. Generally assemblies conclude at 3.25pm.

School Council

Hampton Primary School has a very proactive School Council. Through them the direction for the school is set and the provision of a quality education for all students ensured. More info »

Parents Association

The Parents Association at Hampton Primary School strives to develop a sense of community between students, parents and teachers.

PA meetings are held approximately every 6 weeks and provide a forum for discussion of relevant issues for parents. Working closely with the Fundraising and Events Team, the PA assists in planning and organising social functions and fundraising opportunities for the school.

The meetings are friendly and informal and everyone is welcome. For more information or if you wish to get involved please email hpparentsassoc@gmail.com

School Leaders

All Year 6s are encouraged to apply for leadership positions at Hampton. We have the children prepare a written application indicating what skills they feel they have to offer the position. For the positions of school captain and youth ambassador children are interviewed. In recent years we have had nearly 40 apply and be interviewed for the position of school captain. Read more »

Junior/Senior School Council

The JSC/ SRC are a group who are made up of representatives from each grade in the school, Prep to year 6. They work as teams to identify issues around the school and the local community that we as a school community can help with. The issues can be school based like the issues of lost property management or the school ground up keep. Or they can be external to the school, connecting with a local charity to support. The students are encouraged to identify areas of concern and then to take ownership of ways that they as a group can involve the wider school community in supporting their endeavors.