School Leaders

All Year 6s are encouraged to apply for leadership positions at Hampton. We have the children prepare a written application indicating what skills they feel they have to offer the position. For the positions of school captain and youth ambassador children are interviewed. In recent years we have had nearly 40 apply and be interviewed for the position of school captain.

The following students were appointed for the 2021 school year:

School Captains:

  • Evan C
  • Sophia M

Youth Ambassadors:

  • Alexander T
  • Elara Q

Music Captains:

  • Jason W
  • Margarida Q

Visual Art Captains:

  • Max P
  • Freya C

Intercultural Captains:

  • Max C
  • Izzy C

Environment Captains:

  • Archie D
  • Aila M

Steam Captains

  • Gabriel M
  • Scarlett M

Wellbeing Captains

  • Dylan H
  • Sierra R

Friendship Captains:

  • Alexander T
  • Sierra R

House Captains:

  • Bradman – William M & Juliette H
  • Kilborn – Kit M & Eloise G
  • Laver – Ethan F & Gisele R
  • Fraser – Kai H & Bianca S


The Year 6s also form a strong connection with their Prep buddy, this connection commences in the year prior to the preps starting school, so when the new year begins, the younger child has someone they know and can go to at recess and lunchtimes. The Year 6s really enjoy the opportunity to support and care for the younger prep child. The expectation is that each Year 6 student will be a fine role model for their prep buddy and in fact, for all other children in the school. As leaders in the school community, they are “on show” most of the time and the younger children should be able to count on them.