Sue’s News September 2

Student Enrolments for 2016

Planning is now well underway for 2016. It appears likely that we will have a small increase in enrolments. Hampton continues to be a popular suburb for families; we receive numerous enquiries from families currently residing overseas, but are looking to relocate to Melbourne. Furthermore this is an attractive destination for families looking for a location close to the beach and close to extensive parkland. We have 94 enrolments for Foundation in 2016 already. It is important for parents who have a younger child ready to start school next year but have not yet enrolled them to do so immediately.
In addition, if you have children in Foundation to Year 5 who are not resuming at Hampton in 2016, please inform the office by telephone or email the school, as this will have a bearing on the structure and number of grades for next year. I anticipate that we will have an increase in the number of classes in 2016, it is currently 28 and in 2016 we will have 29 and possibly 30.

Transition Programs and Activities

Our Transition from Kindergarten to Foundation has started this week with the first of our Story Time sessions conducted today. This is always an exciting time because for some, it is their first encounter with our school. The teachers observe our prospective students carefully during the Story Time sessions and the orientation sessions conducted during November.  The way the children interact, respond and play – both individually and in groups can assist with the final grouping into classes.

The transition program intensifies in November where every year level spends one session a week with the teachers who will be taking the higher grade in 2016. The aim is to provide opportunities for the children to meet the teachers and also spend some time in the new classrooms bonding and connecting with some children that they may not be so familiar with or in some cases may not know at all. We find children moving from Year 2 to 3 and again from Year 4 to Year 5 often feel a little unsure about the expectations, and so this time can prove to be very valuable and reassuring for children.

 The Year 2 Mystery Night is always a highlight for our Year 2 students. They head off to a surprise destination after school, usually scheduled for mid to late November. They have the opportunity to mix with children across the year level off site, have some fun and share a meal. The parents collect the children from the offsite setting at 7pm.

All children will meet their 2016 teachers and spend some time in their 2016 grade in early December.

The goals of the transition program include:

  • Providing opportunities for children to mix with a wide range of children from their cohort
  • Introducing the children to the teachers from the following year level and providing some opportunities for interaction
  • Allowing some familiarity with the next year’s classroom spaces
  • Acknowledging that changing teachers, year levels and classrooms can result in children feeling a little unsure or uneasy, however this is manageable and change is part of life
  • Promoting the importance of resilience, independence and self confidence
  • Describing and clarifying the expectations for the following year.

 Lindsay Forster Art Prize

Sue Forster has had a very long association with Hampton Primary School over the last 27 years. Sue’s son Lindsay attended our school and very sadly died 20 years ago. Lindsay had a very strong interest and passion for Art. Sue decided to honour his memory by establishing an art competition on an annual basis for senior students. This is the 20th anniversary of the competition. Sue attended our assembly yesterday and announced the results.

Our Art teacher Marion Marks has carefully reviewed the art work done by the senior students throughout the year, she has paid attention to the interest levels, curiosity, eagerness to learn new skills, respect for the masters, preparedness to experiment, creativity and attention to detail in determining the finalists. It was a difficult process


lino cut 1          Lino cut 3

Lino Cut 2





Congratulations go to the following students who have shown considerable talent and very strong interest in their art work this year resulting in each child being finalists in the Lindsay Forster Art Competition:

Audrey Peric-Low in 5/6B, Casuarinas finished in 1st place

Will Holdsworth in 5/6B, Casuarinas finished in 2nd place

Evan Pan in 5/6D, Sassafras finished in 3rd place.


In addition, the following students received a ‘highly commended’ certificate:

Ben Wells in 5/6E, Wollemi

Maria Quartel in 5/6B, Casuarinas

Ruby Wilson in 5/6C, Eucalypts

Lara Papadimitriou in 5/6C, Eucalypts.


Annual Art Trail Thursday 10 September from 4-7pm

  • All the prize winners’ art work from the Lindsay Forster Art Competition will be highlighted
  • Quite a few children have volunteered to perform between 4.30-5.30pm
  • The Senior String Ensemble will perform at 6pm
  • Hampton Harmonies will perform at 6.10pm

 Battle of the Boots

The annual football match involving the dads from St Mary’s and Hampton conducted at the weekend produced some great results and a lot of laughter. The Year 3/4 choir and a few St Mary’s children performed the National Anthem at the start of the match and set the scene. My thanks go to Traci for organising and conducting the choir. At the end of the game, there were only 3 points separating the teams with Hampton finishing just ahead earning the highly coveted trophy. I am aware that Hampton had 52 champion dads firing on all cylinders and maybe on this occasion the St Mary’s dads who numbered closer to 35 had to run further! Regardless of the outcome, I extend my congratulations to all dads from both teams who finished the game with a few bruises but no broken bones – this time!

My sincere thanks go to Mike Cahill and Murray Thomlinson who assumed some of the responsibility for organisation and training. The money raised from this wonderful community event will be shared between St Mary’s, Hampton Primary and the MS Society; this is a fitting way to build our community.


Recently we three teams competing in the FiSAF Australian Championships in Brisbane; there was quite a level of overlap between the teams with some girls competing in three teams. In addition we had one student competing in an individual category. Our participants included:

Cadet International Fitness: Kathleen Whipp, Evie Weber, Sophie Taylor, Sarah Thompson, Olivia Aikins, Emily Cope and Lara Smith – this team finished in first place!

Cadet International Step: Sarah Thompson, Kathleen Whipp, Evie Weber, Sophie Taylor, Florine Meijer, Hannah Schwarz, Olivia Aikins and one girl from another school – this team finished in first place!

Cadet National Expressions (this team performed in the lyrical dance category): Lucia Buckley, Monique Taranto, Sarah Thompson, Emily Cope, Florine Meijer, and one girl from another school – this team finished in first place!

Cadet National Female Individual: Olivia Aikins – who competed in the semi-finals and finished confidently.

Interestingly our girls scored very highly at the State level competition and therefore qualified to compete at the national level, even though there were very few teams across the nation that managed to qualify. We now have a large number of very talented girls who are Australian champions and who have represented Hampton with distinction. I extend my sincere congratulations to our outstanding competitors who must be justifiably proud of their achievements.

 Assembly Performances

Well done to Prep D – Blue Gums and Prep E -Ghost Gums who led the singing of the National Anthem yesterday. Both grades sang with enthusiasm.

We had a large number of violinists showcasing their talents with the Junior String Ensemble and the String Ensemble performing Cats ’n’ Coats and Jack in the Box. Oliver Hill’s accompaniment on keyboard was deftly managed as he had the syncopated beat. Both groups were trained and conducted by Lana who always encourages the children to strive for excellence. The children played very impressively indeed.

Academic Excellence

Congratulations go to the following students who received an academic excellence award at assembly yesterday:

  • Chloe Edwards from 1A, Spotted Gums for demonstrating a commendable approach to her work, particularly in reading where her higher order thinking skills are evident
  • Felix Mallett from 1A, Spotted Gums for excellent progress and achievement in reading where he consistently displays an inquiring mind and an eagerness to learn.